Starting elections in OKFN Spain

The OKFN Spain group has started its elections’ process in order to choose its board.

It will be finished next Monday the 3rd of December.

Activities on its working groups, however keep working

Only members of the list (prior to the 12nd November can vote).

if you meet this requirements and does not received an invitation link to vote. contact us in the list.

These are the candidates list.

Guzman Garmendia –

Javier Creus –

Julia López –

Marc Garriga –

Enric Senabre –

Alberto Abella –

Mayo Fuster –

Rafa Serrano –

Helen Darbishire –

Alberto Ortíz de Zarate –

Serafín Olcoz –

Alberto Labarga Gutiérrez –

Jose L. Marín –

César García –

Mar Cabra –

Roberto Santos –

Tomas Diez –


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