Open data day in Granade

Las 23rd of February it was held the open data day in Granada. 12 people (except Scraping tutorial in which the deputy director of the OSL took an entire class of first grade and we respect Computing) * Data on which they worked: in general, the UGR * The pad: Code examples: […]

New internal resources

Creation of pads for Open university group (universidad abierta) Academic investigation on open government  (investigadores academicos) Updated local group lists

Open data day at university of Deusto

The mission of this conference is primarily spread what Linked Open Data and what is and, secondly to launch a meeting for enthusiasts in working groups to open a new dataset and / or design and implement applications quick and easy link and use open data. This conference will use, though not exclusively, the datasets […]

Open data day at University of Granada

Open Data Day Hackathon On Friday 22nd February, University of Granada will hold an  Open Data Day. The Free Software Office will organize a marathon data release (hackathon) at the University of Granada. More info.