New internal resources

Creation of pads for Open university group (universidad abierta) Academic investigation on open government  (investigadores academicos) Updated local group lists

Meeting in FCForum (Barcelona)

This weekend in the premises of FCForum we have hold the final meetings to launch our local group of OKFN. Check the pad for the conclusions but summarizing: We will be registered as non profit association before the end of December There will be an elections (with an official census) with open lists on November. […]

OKFN Spain at OKFestival

El grupo OKFN Spain estará en el OKFestival (17-21 Septiembre) en Helsinki, para hacer patente a la comunidad hispana en este festival. The group will be in Spain OKFN OKFestival (17-21 September)  in Helsinki, to make clear to the Hispanic community in this festival.