Radical transparency. Leading by example. TR4A method.

The challenge, is not only to evangelize about the benefits of transparency but to live it. TR4A (Transparency Radical for All) is a collaborative method to make your organization more transparent and accountable.

In the local group of OKFN in Spain we believe that the best thing to impulse transparency is leading by example.

TR4A. The method

Currently TR4A deals with 9 dimensions, but this is a collaborative project and it could change a little while we are implementing it. The final result will be not only a good set of recommendations, proved examples but also the link to the open source tools or the free services we were using.

Special focus will be done on using no cost tools, so there will not be any barrier to adopt it. It is not a method for public administrations but for private entities. So, any private organization (NGO, foundations, non-profit associations, etc) could adopt it. Fortunately Spain has one of  he most strict legislation about privacy so, those concerns about the collision between transparency and privacy will be faced since the beginning and with the maximum rigour.

Once TR4A will be mature a metrics will  be launched in order to help you to be compared with other organizations.

If you want further information about it you can collaborate in the dedicated site http://tr4a.okfn.es.

Thanks a lot to those who were impulsing this initiative.

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